Pros and Cons of iPhone 11 Pro Screen Replacement

With its stellar OLED display, the iPhone 11 Pro delivers spectacular visuals. However, accidents can damage this crucial component, leaving owners questioning the need for a screen replacement. Weighing the pros and cons of iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement provides clarity on this decision.
One major plus involves restoring the iPhone’s original showcase feature – its dazzling display. Replacing a cracked or dim screen brings back vibrant colours, inky blacks, and pin-sharp resolution. Another advantage is fully restoring smooth, responsive touch input. Users avoid frustrating issues like ghost touches.
New screens also help maintain the device’s high resale value. Potential buyers are more willing to pay top dollar for phones with pristine, unworn displays. AppleCare+ coverage remains valid if repairs happen at authorised centres, protecting future repair costs. This is especially valuable for those who intend to upgrade to a new iPhone model in a year or two.
Environmentally, fixing a screen generates less electronic waste than replacing the entire phone. This aids important sustainability efforts and allows useful materials to be recycled. Some other pros include retaining full compatibility for software updates designed for original iPhone displays. Your phone will continue to receive the latest iOS features for years to come.
Of course, screen replacements pose difficulties. Cost stands as a primary con, whether opting for Apple or third parties. However, an authorised repair ensures you avoid future problems. Budget-friendly options could compromise quality or use imitation parts. Inferior displays risk colour issues, reduced sensitivity over time, or premature failure.
Downtime also factors in, as repairs take hours or days depending on parts availability and shop workload. However, many repair shops offer loaner devices to keep you connected. Non-Apple repairs carry risks if major iOS updates rely on specific display hardware.
Weighing these pros and cons helps you decide the best path for your situation. Official repairs maintain warranties, quality, value retention, and futureproofing – invaluable benefits considering the iPhone’s multi-year usage. More affordable options carry greater long-term risks.
Overall, iPhone 11 Pro screen replacement offers value by restoring phones to like-new condition rather than early replacement. With diligent research, you can determine the optimal choice.